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Elvstrøm Epex
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Custom line

Faurby Yacht Custom Line is our range of full custom yachts that are wholly designed around your idea of the perfect performance and blue water cruisers. If we don’t have a suitable design for you, we’ll create one.

We’ll get to know you and help you through the planning process so you get a yacht that not just meets your needs, but surpasses them. Whether you come to us with a brief outline or a very long list of requirements, we will work with you to deliver the right size and layout of yacht to your budget.

You’ll meet the team who will oversee the build, and you’ll discuss what you want and what you don’t with the naval architects and designers responsible for the creation of your ideal yacht. We’ll create rough sketches to work through your ideas and you’ll have the final say of these before we start the design process. Once all the designs have been approved by you, we will work through the materials, styling and fittings for your yacht. When all those decisions are made, we’ll start the build process and work towards the delivery date that was agreed with you in advance.  

The process

Discover you needs

You’ll probably have some ideas about what you want in and from your new Faurby Yacht. Start by making a list, whether it’s on paper or in note form on your phone and keep adding items as you think of them. Take time to think about what you want your yacht to achieve, a list of the things you must have, and those you’d like to have. Also consider what you do not want. Keep going back to the list and see what priority you hold for your ideas. The list can be as long or as short as you want it to be. We will be led by you, but our experience and knowledge are at your disposal. Also, add to the list any questions you have, anything you’re uncertain of about.

Meeting at the yard

Once you have your list and you’re happy with it, we’d like to invite you to our yard in Lunderskov, Denmark to meet with our designers and the project manager, as well as meet the people who will be building your new yacht. While you’re with us we’ll discuss your list, answer your questions and use this information to suggest some suitable sizes, styles and designs for your new yacht. We are here to help, suggest and guide you to ensure you make the right decisions. You may want something specific on board, we’ll use our decades of design and boatbuilding experience to work towards a solution you are happy with. Any decision is always yours. Once you are happy and we have everything we need, we’ll ask for a small deposit to proceed to the sketching stage.


From our meeting in Lunderskov, we’ll have a good idea of how best to fully realise your ideas in a Faurby Yacht. Our designers will work on sketches of your new boat, using the design parameters you have set us, putting onto paper ideas of what you want your new yacht to achieve. If, after our initial meeting, you have changed your vision or priorities, we can incorporate these in the sketches with enough notice. The sketches will show the main lines of the exterior, interior layout options, and styling ideas of your new Faurby Yacht.


Once we are happy with the sketches we’ll meet with you and present them. We’ll discuss the sketches in detail, work towards improving what you like and altering anything about the design that you would like us to change. At this stage, you can still make changes that can be incorporated into the final design. Also, during this meeting we’ll discuss what the basic specification of your yacht will be, as well as the equipment you’d like on board, either at launch or in the future. This will help us work toward an efficient hull shape with the correct load-bearing capacity.

Price and delivery

With the sketches approved and your ideas on paper, you’ll have a clear vision of how your new yacht will look. We’ll also have the specific layout you want from your new yacht, as well as her size.
Knowing these enables us to give you both an estimate of the price and a delivery schedule for your new Faurby Yacht.


Once you have accepted the price and delivery schedule, we’ll present you with the contract. The contact will be between you and Faurby. Once we’ve received the signed contract we can start with the creation of your new and unique yacht.

Technical drawings

With the contract signed, our team of experienced designers will start creating the construction drawings and doing the structural calculations that are needed to make the more detailed design plans that our craftsmen will work from. You’ll be able to see the construction drawings at any point to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.


This is where your dream becomes a reality. Throughout the build process we will stay in close contact with you, sending you photographs of the build, discussing details. We know through our experience of building custom yachts that ideas can evolve, so we keep you informed at every step of the process. You are also welcome to visit the yard at any point during the build process to see and discuss the project with our team.


The day we’ve all been working towards has arrived; when you take delivery of your new Faurby Custom Line yacht. We will give you a thorough handover of your yacht, go through all of the yacht’s systems and service points, and explain best practice for things like reefing and sail handling as well as for the mechanical aspects of your yacht. We’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied before leaving you to spend your first night on board. No doubt in the morning you’ll have more questions and, as always, we are here to help you in any way we can.

Interior layout

With our full-custom yachts, you have free reign on not only the length of the yacht but also the interior layout. Here are some examples of the layouts we’ve crafted in the past. You can use these for inspiration and guidance or you can use your imagination and experience to create a truly unique yacht, precisely tailored for you and those you sail with.

Your needs as a sailor will depend on whether you sail alone, as a couple, with your family, with a full crew – or any combination of these. For this reason, when designing our Custom Line yachts we are led by you: your needs, your wishes and your style of cruising.

How you intend to use the yacht will shape its interior. We have decades of experience in designing, building and optimising yacht interiors for their owners. If you’d like your next yacht to be a unique, full-custom Faurby blue water cruiser, make the first step and contact us now.

Faurby 460

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Faurby 46ft layout
Example 46ft layout

Faurby 400

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Faurby 40ft layout
Example 40ft layout

Faurby 400

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Faurby 40ft layout
Example 40ft layout

Faurby 400

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Faurby 40ft layout
Example 40ft layout

Faurby 420

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Faurby 42ft layout
Example 42ft layout

Faurby 420

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Faurby 42ft layout
Example 42ft layout