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A large part of what makes a Faurby yacht special is the super-high build quality. They are engineered and built to last for many years longer than the average yacht, and that’s why they hold their value so well on the second-hand market.

We have been building Faurby yachts in our unique way since 1976; we have an exhaustive knowledge of all models and we know the individual features of every yacht we have built. Many of our older yachts have been sold by us more than once and we have all the records on file.

Another thing that makes Faurby yachts special is that they are extensively personalised for their owners, and buying a used Faurby from us is the next best thing to buying a new one. Our yachts are built in a way that makes them practical to refit, and our master craftsmen can modify the yacht to suit your personal preferences and your style of sailing. You can be sure that the modifications will precisely match the quality and style of the original woodwork. As always with Faurby, anything is possible.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a Faurby, we are best placed to serve you.

Faurby 36


Pre-owned Faurby 36 from 1986 for sale. The Faurby 36 is a Faurby classic with beautiful lines, excellent sailing characteristics and in an exceptional build quality. The boat is currently located in the winter facilities of Faurby Yacht in Fredericia.

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