Nordship teakdeck replacement

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Let’s be honest, no yacht can remain in pristine condition forever. Teak wears, gelcoat fades and technology marches ever onwards. And it’s not only boats that changes over time; owners do too. When once you didn’t have children or grandchildren, maybe now you do, or perhaps your family have grown up and flown the nest.

At Faurby Yacht we want your yacht to evolve with you. It could be something simple like the installation of the latest autopilot, the renewal or replacement of deck fittings, maybe something a bit more complex like converting a no-longer-needed cabin into an area that suits your needs better. At Faurby Yacht we’re here for you.

As we build the Faurby yachts, there is no one better placed or who knows your Faurby as well as we do. If you own another high-quality brand of yacht, we can still help. If you’re thinking of adding a stern thruster, we know the best place to install it. If you’d like a multi-function display at the helm we can fit it with the least disruption, – or perhaps you’re thinking of upgrading your ageing NMEA0183 network to the latest NMEA2000 and CANbus digital power distribution. We know boats from the keel up, so contact us today and we can discuss your options.

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Excellent craftsmanship by our skilled craftsmen
Custom refit

There are many reasons for a custom refit, such as a change of ambition or circumstances – whatever they are, we’re here to discuss what you’d like. We can rebuild the areas of the boat into spaces that better suit your needs: convert a cabin into an office, redesign the navigation station, modify the yacht’s stowage solutions or create new ones – our skilled Danish craftsmen have many years of boatbuilding experience.

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Thomas Hougaard and a costumer are planing a refit of a Faurby yacht
Custom refit

Whether you bought your yacht from us here at Faurby or pre-loved from another owner, there may be things you’d like to change. She may just be looking a little too well used; if so, we can bring her back to as-new condition. Whether it’s a unique modification or a full interior, we’ll help you get the best from your yacht.

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A craftsman preparing a Nordship yacht for the summer season
Winter Service

We can service the engine, inspect the rig, organise for any sail repairs and attend to any issues you may have, whether they are cosmetic or more in-depth. Before she goes back in the water, we can antifoul her and polish her hull. When she’s ready for launching she’ll be looking at her very best, ready for you to enjoy your next sailing season.

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Faurby winter storage hall
Winter Service

While you’re not using your boat over the winter months, why not let us give her a Winter Service? In our dedicated winter storage facilities she’ll be serviced and looked after throughout the coldest months of the year.

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Nordship repair

It’s a fact of life that everyone makes mistakes. If a manoeuvring misdemeanour or a lapse in navigation has left your yacht looking sorry for herself, or she has scars to show from another’s faux pas, don’t worry. We don’t just build yachts, we can repair them to as-new condition too. Hopefully the damage won’t be too bad, but we know every inch of your yacht, so if you want the perfect hull repair, capping rail replaced or a new pulpit, we are best placed to do the repair for you.

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Keel replacement or adjustment at Faurby Yacht
Update and upgrade

Nothing lasts forever and technology improves every season. Instruments become obsolete – the job that was done by three instruments can now be done by one. Equipment wears out and new equipment is invented to improve the experience of sailing. You may want to make manoeuvring easier by installing a retractable bow thruster, make sailing less work by adding electric winches or replace fading old instruments with bright, clear new ones.

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Keel replacement

We can help you improve not only her appearance but also her performance. You may have given up some windward performance for a shoal-draught keel, but now ocean cruising beckons and a deep keel would be a greater benefit. Or perhaps you’re returning from world cruising and a deep keel will now become a hindrance. You may be surprised at what we can achieve through our renovations.

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Replacing or renovation of a teakdeack

At Faurby, we can renovate and rejuvenate your yacht. We can do the small jobs like replacing worn and damaged floorboards or bigger jobs like hull painting, replacing or even adding a new teak deck. We can transform the appearance of your yacht for a fraction of the cost of a new yacht.

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Faurby harbor in Skærbæk
Managed Berth

If you’d like to keep your yacht in Denmark or have a desire to explore the Baltic we have berths available in Fredericia where not only will your yacht be safely moored, we’ll also look after her. We’ll make sure the batteries are always fully charged and ensure that she’s kept clean on the outside and dry on the inside. Moisture can quickly ruin upholstery and woodwork, so if you’re unable to visit your yacht as often as you might like, we can do it for you.
Denmark offers sailors a wonderful, tide-free cruising ground so whether you’re collecting your new boat from us or passing through the country and need to leave your boat for a while, we are happy to help.